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I know how much you desire to be pursued, I know how much you want to be loved, and I know how much you like to meet him. I know you’ve been including, uttering this in your prayers, longing, and desiring to be an answered prayer. But please, can you faithfully wait?

Don’t take advantage of your youth, your vulnerability, strength, and beauty. You are fearless to do everything, but please, take control of your emotions. Guard your heart and know your limitations. It’s alright to delay all self-gratification, control your desires and wants, so you can walk towards purity.

You might feel anxious, insecure, and lonely at times. You might think that you are left behind because you don’t have the kind of relationship you see in social media or even a fulfilling career. It seems that you’re waiting in the midst of the desert, while the others are on the mountaintop. But please, can you prayerfully wait?

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I understand you beloved.

Just take your time, one step at a time. Honor Him in the season you are in, find your real purpose and meaning in this world. You were made for something greater than the relationship or career you ought to have, so be diligent and courageous enough to do it. Your story might be a testament to the younger generation, that waiting is a process of surrendering to God all your questions, fears, weaknesses, and anxieties. And remember faith moves mountains.

It might sound cliche, but it takes seasons to bear fruits. Stay rooted with His Word and bloom wherever you are even in midst of the wilderness. When the right time comes, you will reap what you sow. You’ll be thankful that you waited patiently, prayerfully, courageously, and faithfully.

Hope is rising, beloved!

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