Why do you keep it? Remove it. Why do you imprison it? Set it free. Why do you hold on? Let it go.

We have our own regrets in life. We have our own failures and disappointments. We all have a dark past. However, no matter how hard it is, we tend to protect it with a smile. A smile that holds hundred of tears. A smile to cover up sorrows and misery. A smile to let anyone assume that everything is fine. We are so brave to hold these pent up feelings inside us. We are so strong to hold the cover in front of our faces. But, is that really the definition of being strong? Are you also brave enough to let go? Are you strong enough to cry? Are you bold enough to admit that you need help? Are you brave enough to be vulnerable? You want to be okay but you are building walls to keep everyone away. You want to be happy but you happily accepted those roses and endured the thorns.



Let it go!

You don’t have to be firm all the time. Don’t let your pride kill your joy. Don’t let your emptiness invade who you really are. It is okay to not be okay. If you want to be free, stop locking yourself to the prison of the past. Let go of the mask and learn to hold on to yourself and to others as well. You have to show them that your ego is strong enough to let go. Yes, it is easy to say but the art of doing it is messy.

You can do it..

We can do this!

To the one who is reading this,

you are not alone.

– dahon