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How are you lately?

I know this question might be heartbreaking for some. When you’re young it feels so cool growing up, it’s fun to be in different places and meet new people, it’s easier to make mistakes and cover up, and it’s exciting to face uncertainties.

But now, growing up means trying to be in a situation you’ve never expected and dreamt of. Facing realities even if it’s uncertain, walking amid pressure and anxieties, letting your loved ones go and leave, and thousands of questions linger in your mind that don’t have any answers.

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Sometimes, you feel terrible and unable to wake up, get up, and show up. It is also hard to be vulnerable and show all your unspoken aches and cries to the world. It’s hard to explain to your parents that your aspirations fall into pieces and hopes vanish suddenly.

And I know, we all face this kind of season. This transition of hurting, breaking, and weeping. We have disheartening moments; in our bedroom with our knees in deep prayers, in the comfort room of our workplace unable to breathe, and in the street with our weary feet unable to find our way home.

I know all of us just want to be a better person in this world with good intentions and motives. We all just want to win and surpass all the barriers along the way. And even though we’re all breaking down, I hope your faith is pushing you through to believe that your breakthrough is arising.

Sometimes your breakthrough is not the most ideal and sensible one. Not the one that you see in the movie nor the highlight reel of the people on social media. It’s when you don’t have anything but your faith in HIM. It’s when you feel lost but you find the way in HIM. It’s when you feel scared but HIS presence gives you peace.

Beloved, He can turn dead ends into doorways. His promises and words are true. He never fails because He is faithful even if you’re not. Growing up is scarier in this time, lot of pressures in our environment, but I want to remind you that you’re not alone. You are called to be victorious.

I pray that as you read this, a little spark of hope will enlighten your tired soul. And I pray that you encounter Him in your breakdowns so you can experience His breakthrough. He is one call away, His name is Jesus.

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