I remember when I first wore my lovely dress
Even the garland of flowers that used to tickle my braided hairs.

I remember the exuberant smile I had for my coming season,

The joy, determination and passion I exude to attain what they say was the purpose of my existence-

to love and be loved.

I believe the world in its facade, foolish that I was.

I stepped out of my comfort zone with the belief that I only should have courage and be kind.

I stepped forward and tried my best to change lives one at a time while waiting for you.

I’ve met so many people in search of you.

In love with the idea of love,

I’ve unfortunately given my heart to a man thinking that he was you.

It was too late for me to realise that he was not a knight but a mercenary.

He tore me apart and was left with nothing but a piece of what I used to be.

My knight,

I fear that I have nothing to offer anymore.

My elixir of love and trust is now filled with pain and doubts.

My castle no longer show the elegance it used to have.

I have sorrounded it with walls and citadel to protect the last ounce of hope I have with love.

My only prayer is that,

when the time comes that you are able to climb and cross my walls of defence,

I hope you will not find me repulsive.

I do not resemble your fantasy anymore.

Life did not pamper me with sugar and spice.

I was forced to learn the art of war to protect myself from more mercenaries.

I no longer have the gowns I used to wear nor the tiara that adorned my hair

What i have and can only offer you, are my battle scars.

I am waiting for a man who will love me beyond my flaws and failures.

My question is, Will you be that man?