Faithfully Waiting For God`s Perfect Timing.


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When something does not go as planned, you may believe it is your fault.

It’s the same in a romantic relationship; it’s difficult to tell when the right time to marry a person. Some people think about a lot of things in life, while others wish to get married young. Financial stability, emotional stability, intellectual stability, and a variety of other factors are all important. We place so much emphasis on ourselves that we lose sight of who is the designer of our marriage.

You may feel tired, anxious, afraid, impatient, and so on during the waiting season. Other persons may have exerted pressure on you. posing such inquiries to you.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

When do you want to marry?
Are you still looking for a partner?
Do you have any intentions to start a family?

I had the same feeling as you, regardless of how you felt or even what you heard. Just keep in mind that you have your timetable. This could sound cliche, but it’s always worth the wait, no matter how long it would take. The palace takes time to construct, whereas the building is constructed in a short amount of time.

My hope for everyone is that we strive and faithfully wait for the fulfillment of our Lord’s promise. We must experience the pleasure of having beyond romantic relationships during this season of waiting. There are many ways to enjoy being single, like talking to your friends, caring for the aged, helping the community, being productive regularly, making new friends, even devotion to God. 

When you feel the pressure remember that God knows what you need and who you will be the life partner. ask God for that and pray without ceasing. Being on God’s plan, aligned with your heart. Remember, our Lord is a loving, faithful, responsive promise-keeper, and savior.

This waiting may take a very long time, so I’d rather wait than marry the wrong person. Have faith that your partner would be found in his will, not anywhere else.

At the end of the day, his perfect plan has been far better than ours.

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