I know it’s not always easy. You’re not always on top of your game. It’s normal if you can’t always feel to be as strong, independent woman as you have always claimed to be. There are times when emotions are high and they are raging in your insides. Don’t condemn yourself just because you feel some waves of temptations to blurt your feelings out. It’s not just you. You are not alone. For sure, other ladies have been there as well.

And for sure, they know that the struggle is real.

And who certainly knows whether it would be right or wrong to actually confess your feelings to him? But ask the leading from the Holy Spirit.

And in the waiting for answers, rest.

Learn to feel the feelings. Don’t try to fight against them. For the more you deny them, the more that they would try to stir up like there is a wind fanning the flames of passion.

But also, invite Jesus

He cares, for He is closer to you now more than He has ever been before.

You can tell Him everything and He will be more of a help and a comfort than anybody else.

You can try hitting the social media, but know that nothing beats letting it out in front of the Keeper of your heart—Jesus.

When God says “no,” be comforted by the fact that He knows what He is doing in you—no matter how hard it can be to trust it right now—and it’s just mostly because you have been clouded by your own judgment.

I know behind those smiles is your aching heart, asking “Why can’t it be him?” or “Why do I feel this way when it wouldn’t be him for me?”

I honestly do not know either. But just as what Jesus says, lean not on your own understanding.

When He says “go for it,” just be brave and courageous. Ask for His covering that the conversation will be seasoned with purity and maturity.

Ask yourself as to the reason why you have been having that urge to tell this guy.

Is it to pursue him? Or is it just to free yourself?

Personally girl, for your peace of mind, I think it’s fine. You don’t want to live with “what ifs” and regrets someday. If he likes you too, good. If he doesn’t feel the same, at least you have closure for yourself. You can navigate moving on from there. This is especially liberating if you are doing this for yourself—you are not pursuing him. You just need release.

But just like what I said, invite Jesus and His leading.

It is utterly hard, I know.

More often than not, God would invite us to a place where the only option is to let go of our own strength and trust that even when we face an ocean of obstacles, He is there ready to split the sea so that we can continue walking.

You can do that, too.

The enemy of your soul wants to let you believe you have been stuck, and that there is no hope for you to move on from those feelings of helplessness and disappointments.

But just as what the Truth would tell you—the enemy is a liar.

God declares you are free because she who has the Spirit of God is free indeed!

The shackles have been broken, and all you gotta do is believe that you can dance in the field of God’s abounding love.

And while you may not see it right away, believe that God has better instore for you—yes, even when everything seems to appear the opposite of it.

The gift and reward of your obedience are just right in the corner

But it will come to you, any sooner.

Somebody saw you in the room when you shed tears of a broken heart. And while it might have appeared no one really understood you, please know that you are heard and that you are not hopeless.

You are still the woman God has found worthy of His love and adoration.

You are still the woman somebody wants to sweep her feet off.

You are still worthy to be loved and respected.

You are still strong and faithful.

You are still wonderful and lovely.

You are still great.

And love, love is still madly pursuing you—the real and unwavering one.

It can still find you.

… and someday, you will just laugh those pains away and you will be utterly grateful to see how God has carried you through it all.

*Also appeard in chonamalinog.com