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Dear Dy,

I hope by the time you’re reading this, you’re completely well and healed from the traumatic experiences that happened in your past. I hope this time you know the difference between forced love and unconditional love. I hope by this time you know that commitment is a choice and that the person that you want to be committed to has the same vision and commitment to you. I hope you find the love that is full of forgiveness, and patience, and who loves you more than you love them. I hope you find someone who’s willing to let God be the center of the relationship. I hope you find someone whose love is complete and true, I hope you find someone who will love you not only through happiness but also in sadness. I hope you find someone who knows the value of commitment and has the intention to marry you and be with you in the future. I hope someday you will be able to meet someone that is ready and willing to sacrifice everything for you. I hope that someday all the tears that you cried to all the people that you loved will be replaced with happiness. I hope that journey of yours will be a reminder that God has a plan for you and he has prepared a better person who will love you unconditionally and will cherish you forever. I know that it takes courage to face this all alone but I know that God will always lead you to the right person who will treat you the way you deserved because he knows that you love too much and you are a good person. Remember that all the things that happened to you are somewhat a lesson that you must instill in your heart and mind. This time, let God lead you and let God pave the right path for you.


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