I couldn’t imagine life without God.

God listens and actually answers.

It’s not because things didn’t go the way you wanted, God doesn’t care about you. He actually does in silence and in storm. He is so near and waiting for you. 

Imagine someone whose planning a surprise for you, they don’t do it with you knowing the details- they’re planning and doing it in silent. What more to someone whose sovereign, graceful and faithful Father? who truly knows your worth and the desires of your heart. 

When God is silent, He’s up to something! 

Where is the answer?

What do you want to know? what answers you’re expecting? Are you looking for your will than His will? Maybe the answer is already there right in front of you but that is not what you’re expecting, that is not what you want things to happen, maybe you are more of want you want than recognizing what God wants you to receive. That shouldn’t be the way we expect God’s answers, we’re like commanding Him than respecting His plans. 

Have you experienced to baby sit or take care of a 3-year-old kid? We have our dos’ and don’t’s right? (Don’t touch that, do this.. etc. etc.) We also protect them from harmful things that they don’t have any idea that it is harmful for them and we usually catch them when they are about to fall but when they don’t like our ways, there tantrums take over, they even get mad at us, why? Because they are innocent, they don’t know yet what’s best for them because they don’t see what we see and they don’t know the big picture of it. Sometimes, we are still behaving like a 3-year-old kid to God. We usually question Him, we get mad at Him because He don’t give what we want to receive. But God is not like that. He allows us make decisions, He want us to grow, to inhabit the lesson from the situation, He is not sending us reminders and emails of the things we need to do because He knows having these things will prevent us from growing because He trusts us enough to trust Him as well because He is the only one who sees the big picture. If He will give what we think we want, we will not grow trusting Him- we will just end up trusting ourselves and we will just missed His Best.

It’s not because we didn’t receive things the way we are expecting them to receive doesn’t mean there’s no answers at all- YOU JUST GOT TO BE WISE IN LISTENING AND RECOGNIZING WHICH IS WHICH.

How you will know the answers?

You will never know if you will not ask.

It’s about that someone you are talking with and not the things you are asking for. It’s about knowing God. If you continually reading God’s words and meditate to it you will know God- His words help you deepen your understanding with His plans. (This isn’t about receiving daily chats from God which book in the bible you should read. ) It’s about your relationship and communication with God through His words and how He want you to understand those. Through constant communication with Him, your relationship with Him will become deeper and deeper that makes His answers so obvious to you. And that’s it! You cannot explain it, it is just between you and your Father alone. And I think that is what truly matters. An intimate relationship with God helps you know the answers to your prayers.