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How many of us pursue character development more than physical attractiveness?

How many of us desire purity, honesty, humility, authenticity, patience, and faith?

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How many of us practice loving ourselves despite our flaws and scars, without comparing ourselves in the mainstream?

I am not an exemption, most of the time I found myself dwelling in my insecurities, being consumed by the standards of social media, everyone seems so physically fit and perfect. And you know, what saddened me the most, the younger ladies have been affected, too early.

The mainstream allows every one of us, just to be ourselves. And yes, there’s nothing wrong with it, but somehow our response to it. Seductive videos, alluring selfies, and romantic sex movies are around the corner. Underwear becomes outerwear, flirting becomes a hobby, and trash talks that sound cool, have been the norm.

But how about our character: the underrated elegance in this time. I hope to see you rise above the norm, beyond the pursuit of everyone else.

In this time when modesty has not been prioritized, humility and respect have been neglected, and faith has been abandoned. I hope to see you pursuing what is right and what is noble, so the younger ladies won’t find it difficult to love and to embrace themselves in this generation.

Let’s be accountable to them because I do believe, we are also accountable to our Lord Jesus Christ: who sees, accepts, and loves us despite our imperfections. I pray that you find Him too.

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