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Gray shirt. Black bag. Keds-like shoes. Cute eyes.

I can still picture out the very first meeting we had. Little did I know that the anonymous guy sitting in front of the class will turn out to be the apple of my eye. Oh em gee, so C.O.R.N.Y.

I can still remember our very first conversation. I’ve mistakenly replayed a video that our class had already watched. But because I am already sitting at the back, you told me that you’ll be the one to play the right video. And so you did.

Fast forward. During our bike test, I can’t help but have a glimpse of you. Seeing a big and tall man riding the small bike of mine, oh men, so cutie patootie.

Fast forward. During our parking lesson, you took a video of me (not only me but the entire class) with your funny semi-panicking voice on the background. And that’s when I’ve got the chance to chat you!!! One of the happiest moment of my life. You’ve waken up the sleeping butterflies in my tummy. I even converted that video to mp3 so that even when I’m doing my stuff , I get to hear your voice comfortably.

I stalked you on Facebook too. I’ve got to see how unsociable you are. Just kidding. I think you’re just too busy to stay too long on Facebook or maybe because you have a special someone and you spend your time chatting her. 🙁

But do you know what drawn me more to you? It is the fact that our professor, who has been with me and you and other people during an engineering event, told me that you graduated because you worked hard for it. Not just working hard to graduate, but working hard to be at school, again. He told me that you stopped going to school because of a financial problem. He also told me that he referred you to his Engineer friend and that he was not mistaken. You did a great a job. That Engineer friend of our professor liked you, hired you and helped you get back to your studies up to finishing the board exam.

I get to see a picture of my dad in you who also worked hard to be where he is at right now. That is why I really admired your skills and hard work. Aside from that, I also like the way your eyes shrink when you smile. I like the tone of your voice. I like your giggle. I like the way you walk. I like the way you hold your cellphone. I like the way you focus on things. I like the way you hold the pizza. I like the way you washed the mugs. I like the way you sweep the floor. I like the way you drive the car. I like seeing you. I like breathing the same air with you.

I told my parents, my brothers and my grandparents about you. My brother also took a picture of you coincidentally during a bike event. The picture seems to be focusing on you. Is it a coincidence or destiny? I don’t know. What I know now is the fact that I won’t be able to see you anymore.

All of this feeling will just go to the drain of my memories. Our class will end soon. I will surely miss you. To the leader of the Chimpmunks, I like you since February 6.

Please be single until I get that Engr. in front of my name. Wait for me. I’ll court you.