I missed you.
I missed your smile, your endless stories, your laugh, your smell and most specially you alone.
We were just given a small amount of time to catch up with what’s happening in our lives and knowing that you’re better than who you were before makes me feel at ease.
Somehow, my prayer which regards to your happiness, is finally coming to a reality even if I’m not the reason for it.
Prayers do work. I’m hoping that you’ll realize that. I’ll continue to pray for your genuine happiness.
Maybe that is what true love is, praying and aiming for the love of your life’s genuine happiness and well-being even if you are no longer the reason for it.
I’m hoping as well that I will find my own genuine happiness that no longer comes from your presence.
I still miss you.
I still love you.
But I have to put a fine line between us because while in the process of loving you, I forgot to love myself.