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If I were a man,
maybe I wouldn’t be afraid,
whenever the heavy raindrops pour out.
I would be strong enough,
to step my feet in the muddy road,
to walk alone in the midst of darkness,
and to hold my emotions tighter.

Maybe I would not be hurt on small things,
and be too sentimental under the cold breeze.
I would be more courageous in conquering stumbling blocks in the road.
I wouldn’t need to hide all the muffled feelings,
maybe I would have the guts to lay it down.

I wouldn’t be affected by these ephemeral emotions,
that linger all around, and makes me vulnerable.
I wouldn’t need to try hard to get one’s attention
and longs for love and affection.
Maybe, if I were just a man.
I would be tough.

But He reminds me again of His grace,
that I can run to Him despite my frailness,
I can fall unto His feet, cry on His arms,
and He can fill the emptiness that I feel.

I forget that there is someone out there,
who accepts, values, and pursues me as a woman.
I would not even need to work hard to get His attention,
He sees me and understands me.
He never forsakes His child.
He consistently loves me for who am I, as a woman.

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