All I can think of is one word, I’m sorry.

I am the one to blame. I thought it was okay.

I thought it was okay to play and pretend that you felt the same way.

When I knew exactly that you were already falling for me.

I thought sharing a bit of my soul was okay.

It was okay because it was only temporary.

I thought you knew it was okay.

Slowly, you were falling a bit deeper.

I was not, but I kept playing.

I kept playing because being with you,

Made me feel a bit safer,

Made me feel a bit happier,

Made my heart a little bit faster.

I may not have fallen as much as you have.

I may not given you what you deserve.

I may have played with your heart.


Every laughter were real

Every hugs were wanted

Every smiles were genuine.


I’m sorry I played with your heart