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This season has many twists and turns,
And made me lonely at times,
Wondering if you’ll still come?
Like the usual knight in shining armor
during lonely nights.

But please though I felt alone at times,
Hoping that I’ve shoulders to lean on,
Someone who could bring umbrella
in the midst of rainy seasons,
Someone who would hold my hand
in tension and frustration,
Someone who would wait for me,
after long hours of work.
Someone who would listen to me
when I’m disappointed and discouraged.  

Yes I need you in my life.  
But please, stay where you are.
I will step back, if you come.
Not because I don’t like you,
but because  I want to endure this season, all alone.  

I don’t want to take advantage of your strength,
nor satisfy my own desires.
I don’t want you to fulfill my longings and dreams,
So please, stay where you are.

Let’s both step back for awhile,
And fulfill our purpose,
Let’s honor this season,
Let’s give time to know our Creator,
and to completely know ourselves.

Until the right time comes,
and when the fruit of waiting is already ripe.