You fell for that someone whom you adored not at first sight, but through the series of moments together.

Watching movies and eating food is memorable, but oblivion is the talks and company of each other.

You convinced yourself enough that you loved him inside out. You have always lost for words at times of letting it out.

And now on the verge of saying it, you realized that you have nothing left to lose nor assurance of receipt.

Spilling it out, there you utter those word that did not humbled but overjoyed your spirit.

Euphoric is your soul until it turned into a haunting of the most neglected ghost when the trick pointed on you and the magical show ended hobbling you nowhere to go.

As the feelings get dull, you learned you are paralyzed in a fantasy of good dreams and waking up with cold sweats of nightmares.

Reality slaps you that who have loved someone who doesn’t love you back and you die every day.


“Intindihin mo yung sarili mo. May darating para sayo ng hindi mo inaasahan”

Linya niyang pinang-hahawakan ko para makapag move-on.