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How are you, young lady? I know you are trying to conquer those ephemeral feelings like ME that linger around. I know you try to keep it by being on guard and wise. You are afraid that you may end up falling and expecting something that is uncertain. Yes, uncertainties become more uncertain at this time. You don’t want to rely merely on your emotions, I know you are finding authenticity, truthfulness, and not confusion.

And now you are actually confused with your emotions and towards someone’s actions.

But, maybe that confusion is already the answer. You know what, if he truly likes you and loves you he will pursue you, he will protect your heart. And if you are not in peace right now, it is because it is not the right time, nor he is the right person. Or maybe, though it sounds painful, your interpretation differs from his intention.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Maybe you are just really longing for some affection because you feel ready, or everyone around you has someone to hold on to, and you want it too. Yes, you are waiting long enough and you think you are ready to take a risk. Please, young lady; discern and pray first before jumping into the unknown. You waited long enough, and I know you don’t want your excitement turns into melancholy.

Maybe you lack experience in relationships, but it doesn’t mean you need to have one or more just to try. If you really want a desirable relationship that will give you peace, not confusion, why not WAIT for that.

Wait for that right moment, the time when you will not rely on the butterflies in your stomach, but the real rhythm of your heart. The time when you will not question your emotions because those feelings already move in one motion at the same beat. The time that his intentions are clear because he wants to make good music and to live in harmony with you.

Just like the music, we want to enjoy its beat, melody, and harmony. We are not in haste, we want every word to sink in and to dive deeper into our soul. I hope in LOVE too. There’s beauty in waiting and you know those things that are unseen are eternal. I pray that we will not haste things anymore. Stay stronger my friend and myself.


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