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As you all know, Moira Dela Torre released another song last night called “Paubaya” which is truly heartbreaking.

Last year, I met him. We weren’t really close at first but as time went by, we instantly became close friends. We’ll talk to each other every day and gossip about anything that we like. Talking to him was effortless and he can always make me laugh. We also hang out when we have time. He’s always there, and he’s one of those people that I want to tell how my day went. He became my human diary, and i’m really thankful for that.

My friends saw this coming and told me that they’re pretty sure that I will fall for him. Eight months ago, I started to realize that i’m beginning to like him. Falling in love with your best friend is messy and frustrating. What pretty scared me is that I knew how I was feeling and what he meant to me, but I’m still going to choose to save this friendship that we have.

As we became closer, he told me about the girl that he likes. Dang, that hurts… a lot. I have to support him of course. I would tell him stuff like “Hey, don’t worry because I know that she’ll like you.” What’s not to like? 

As I listen to Moira’s song, I thought of writing this because I really want to let go of my feelings and just be there for him as his friend. Letting go is not easy, it’s never easy. Even when your mind is telling you it’s the right thing to do, your heart says otherwise. Acceptance is the key, you have to accept that he likes someone else and you’re basically just a friend to him.

I believe that those people who let go of their loved ones are the bravest becauseit’s being selfless and wishing for the other person’s happiness even though it hurts. For several reasons, we let go of those people that we love, but it comes down to doing what’s best for us and the other person.

Someday, someone will come along.