Pay attention to your thinking.

Our mind is powerful.

It is a battlefield between you and yourself alone. Whatever you affirm, allow and put in there will control your life, because basically our Brain is the main control of our body and so to our life. Everything you think can enslave you or empowers you. Our brain is the main control of our actions and even the emotions we feel, brain is the main in charge. But the good thing is your brain is your brain. You are the only person in charge of that. So, train your mind before every battle begins.

Shobe’s hows.

1. Pray.

Simple lang. First and foremost, you have to let God knows everything you want. Though, He knows everything already but still He want to know every thoughts and every needs and everything you want to happen, He want to hear everything from you because He want a time with you. (chezzzyyy)

2. Read books.

Basically the bible. If you want to be encouraged and motivated and you’re in need to understand life and God. Read the life’s manual. It’s like you are reading a device’s manual, what is it all about, the use, the purpose and everything you has to know will be there. It is one way of God to communicate with you. 

Next, get rid of the negative post or any books that will worsen your thoughts only. Try to read books that will inspire you and help you see life at it’s best. 

Reading is feeding. Whatever you read will feed your mind. 

3. Be Optimist.

Choosing your thoughts is like choosing what to eat in an open buffet. You eat what you have chosen to eat. You become what you have chosen to think. The results of whats happening in your life now are the reflection of the choices you have made. So, if you want a positive results, think positive! never expect a positive results from a negative mindset.

And having a positive outlook includes a positive attitude to every situations.

Don’t let a bad situation control you or change you. With this, you will attract people to do the same and you will inspire others. 

Being positive can make a big difference.

4. Do what makes you happy.

Focusing your life to what makes you happy will remind your brain to think happy thoughts as well. If you focus on isolating yourself with your negative thoughts your life will be miserable. And no one wants that. 

Constantly thinking of the problems/pains/regrets will not solve anything, it will just add up to suffering.

Obstacles in life are natural but suffering doesn’t have to.

5. Monitor your approval.

Monitoring your approval is starting to think positive affirmations. Your brain is your brain. You’re in charge of that. Though it is the main control STILL you can control it by being aware of your approvals and affirmations. If you allow the negative ones then enjoy!(de joke lang. HAHAHA!) I mean if you don’t allow negative ones, they will not be there and you will not suffer. So start thinking good and positive thoughts than the negative ones! Gets? ( Like for example, instead of saying “I’m not important” ” I’m worthless” “I’m a failure” “I’m ugly” try to change to “I am loved!” “I’m worthy” “I am beautifully and wonderfully made!” “I can!”) oh diba? self support! HAHAHAHA!

Tapos ito pa, narealized ko din na hindi naman pala lagi ang puso ang may mali. Playing safe lagi si brain e siya naman pala talaga. HAHAHAHA!

Pain comes from our thoughts.

* Constantly thinking of the person, pain, regrets and memories is not healthy! It will just control you and won’t help you in moving on. So, stop stressing yourself for the could’ve because if it should’ve, it would’ve. There’s always limitation, time to feel everything and time to release everything. 

You are perfectly capable in recreating new reality than just fantasizing and regretting past events. 

You can control your thoughts.

-Warrior Princess.

Photo: Ctto