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Pursuing her might be the courageous thing that you can do.
She isn’t like the typical ladies around, she always guards her heart.
She knows her limitations and she strives for purity.
She tries to conquer all the lies in her head, all the overwhelming emotions by rising above her own desires, and holding unto His promises.

Pursuing her might requires you a lot of patience and consistency.
She protects her heart and build walls around, so no fools would even dare.
Hence, she still desires to be pursued and to be loved by the right man and she’s praying patiently till the right season comes.

Pursuing her might discourage you at times,
She needs quiet moments because she’s been used to it.
And your presence might scare her, but please stay with her.
It’s hard for her to take a risk and to step into the unknown,
without any promises.

Pursuing her needs pounds of courage,
She knows her worth and the beauty of her soul radiates around,
She knows her priorities and she loves her purpose.
She drinks in the coffee shop and walks alone on the street all by herself.

And pursuing her is the best thing that you can do.
She’s been waiting, praying, and preparing for it.
Actions are not enough, words are mighty.
Tell her your intention, desire, and purpose.

Pursuing her doesn’t require you to be prince charming.
Just be yourself, show chastity in a liberal society.
You don’t need a limousine to fetch her,
Small talks while walking make her smile.

Pursuing her doesn’t require you to have anything.
Just show your purest intention and sincere heart.
A sip of coffee will do during rainy days.
And a simple letter can add joy to her eyes.

Pursuing a lady doesn’t need much of your skills, potentials nor talents.
In this time when pursuing is underrated.
Please, man up and pursue the woman that you’re praying for.
You just need to take one step at a time.

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