“Baka ka-kaguard mo ng puso mo, you’ll miss the right person.”

📌 Hey love, if guarding my heart means giving it to God, then I’m safe. He’ll take care of it and when the right time comes, He’ll give it to the one He prepared for me.

📌 God is just revealing me the true value of waiting, so I’ll wait. Waiting but hoping. Serving and reserving. I hope all these humbling moments that I’m going through are enough to deserve you.

📌 We can never go wrong in trusting the maker of our heart. Many will try to win your heart but choose the one who prayed for it. Go to church, talk to Him with all sincerity and ask for strength, guidance, peace and wisdom each day.

📌 Don’t be anxious. We are all worthy of these things. We are worth the wait.

—Always keep your faith up, love.☝️😌