Dear friends,
Mental Health Awareness is for people’s consciousness to reach out those who are in need and remove the stigma, not for you to impose that you are mentally broken. It is for people who are suffering, to know that someone is available for them. Information were given not for you to assess and diagnose yourself, but to be aware that someone out there is unconsciously struggling their own battle within and you can help them. People who really suffer does not know that they are into it or they do not acknowledge that they are suffering with it. Most of the time they will think that it might be normal, not knowing it is slowly killing them and their relationship with others. Be careful my dear, do not acknowledge the simple pain as if you are mentally ill. Life is a battle, there are hardships that we have to face in order for us to grow, yet you are blessed for knowing the reality of war within and outside of yourself because sufferers do not. They do not know that they are escaping from the reality of life, that there is already distortion happening inside their mind.
This world needs love, and the real sufferers does not even want your attention or most probably you are not bothered by them at all, but sufferers cannot deny the fact that they need your love. They need someone who can stand with their fights, reminding them of what reality is and how beautiful life can be if they will just know their purpose why they exist despite the ups and downs on their journey.
My friend, the people who are depressed, suicidal, anxious, alcoholic, phobic, schizophrenic, addict, narcissistic, obsessive-compulsive, histrionic, dissociative and any other mental disorder someone could experience simply need friends. I know you need someone beside you, I know you need attention too, I know you need love but real mentally broken people are to whom we often denied to give these – their supposed to be source of light and hope to go on with life. I just want to tell you my dear, do not make these mental disorders a shallow experience that is available to anyone because its depth is complicated even to those who are affected by these.
My friend, what I am just explaining here is do not diagnose on your own knowledge, there are always difficulties along the road but do not impose to anyone nor to yourself that you are undergoing these trouble in one’s mind. Be careful. Be healthy. Live with your reality. If you need someone to talk, go find one and cry it out to them. If you feel like having none, pray to God and express all your grief, fear and pain that makes you hate this life and this world where you have to live your life. And as you did these things, accept. Accept that you could be hurt but you have all the strength to go on. It’s not wrong to escape for a little while but come back stronger and better. Again, it’s okay to be not okay but it’s not okay to make some issues a shallow one without understanding its depth.
Yours Truly,
Matthew 11:28 – Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.