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But first let us define glow up: it is a mental, physical, and emotional transformation for the better. Glow-ups can be both natural or planned. As well as being gradual and permanent, or fast and temporary. (Urban Dictionary)

There are many TikTok videos about glow up, particularly those who were bullied like me when they were a child, really improve to become better. There are also those who were brokenhearted before then become more beautiful or more successful. There’s nothing wrong with these, it’s all for the BETTER. But most of us only pursue those superficial things. In this fabricated world, we are dominated by vanity culture and stimulated by the media and the people around us.

As a lady, I also desired these things before but it’s a tiring place that I don’t want to be. Let me just share with you my self-talks.

  1. I hope you never compare what’s happening on your inside to what you see outside. Most of us try to hide all our insecurities, weaknesses and are afraid to be vulnerable. We try to improve our physique more than our emptiness inside. Material possessions and other people can’t fill our emptiness. Only Jesus, Himself. 
  2. I hope you rise beyond the norm. Everyone is pursuing the so-called “success” in society. Material possessions, comfortable life, and fame. These are good things but when it’s our ultimate goal just to be counted as a “glow up” person, we are actually missing the MOST SIGNIFICANT possession in life. It’s our relationship with our Creator.
  3. I pray that you can still enjoy your waiting season. Whenever you feel you’re left behind remember that you’re NOT ALONE. You have your own season, just continue cultivating and watering your PURPOSE. BE ROOTED in His Words and you will bloom gracefully despite the weeds and stones.
  4. I pray that you embrace life’s natural rhythm. You don’t need to RUSH just to get the things you’ve been longing and desiring. When everyone is already into the relationship and it seems that you are missing out. Be thankful because you’re practicing patience. When you’re not working in the place that you want to be and still having little, unlike the others. Be thankful because you are practicing perseverance and diligence. It takes rain and sunlight before the flowers bloom and glow.

Again there’s nothing wrong with our desires to GLOW UP. But let us not neglect the fact that our hearts should be in the right rhythm first more than the visible things that others can see. Remember the most beautiful things are unseen it’s actually felt and radiates to other people. Let’s glow because of God’s love and let’s radiates His Grace to others. Then, we will experience the real meaning of glow-up.

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