Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

It’s every girl’s dream, just like in the movies to be surprised by someone who’ll kneel on the ground, pull out a ring then with teary eyes answer with a magical “YES”. If you still daydream of that, you are not alone.

Every woman at some point in time has entertained the thought of getting married. Some of you even have timelines in your head while growing up. You think of your ideal age of marriage, and you even play exact scenarios on where you wish your proposal will take place. But things don’t always happen the way you plan it to be.

While you want to get married after building a life together with your partner, you also have to consider his emotional preparedness for marriage. And that is when you’ll start wondering when a wedding proposal would come.

There are a lot of things that will cross your mind. You’ll stop the nail-biting habit and start including nail salons on your schedule. You’ll start reading and watching about wedding ideas. You’ll think of an amazing Instagram and Facebook caption on your engagement and wedding post. You’ll wonder about being asked to go on a vacation to be surprised. You’ll start planning a lot of things in your head.

And then you’ll get tired of waiting. You’ll start questioning yourself.

You have to stop right there and breathe. You love each other, right? It is going to happen. Stop torturing yourself.

He never said he’s not marrying you. Wait for him to be ready. Don’t mind your family and friends who have been stressing you for the past years wondering when are you getting married. What matters is you know deep in your heart that he is your endgame.

You’ve been through a lot together. You’ve shared major life decisions. Choosing to stay together through the years should be more important than a piece of paper that says you’re legally together. You will be, in God’s perfect time.

There is nothing wrong with you. What’s wrong is our society who thinks that an unmarried woman in this age in time has committed a crime. It is no longer a matter of making things such as this go away, it is rather a matter of our own perspective.

Don’t rush him. Don’t you dare control him. He will get there when he’s ready. And when it happens, he will do it out of full commitment to you and your future family. And that is when you’ll know that he’s finally ready to take full responsibility.

But while you’re in the waiting game, enjoy. Keep in mind that God is doing the work for you. His plans are always better than yours. And when you get tired again, just remember that “the best part of life is having someone worth waiting for.”