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To my second love,

I hope to see you now. I hope to sit with you, with a cup of coffee while reading some verses and sharing our faith.

I hope it’s okay with you that you are not my first love because my first love drives out all the fears in my life. This love ignites my hopes and aspirations. This love forgives all my mistakes and all my failings.

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I hope you also encountered my first love so we can talk about this kind of love. I pray that you also experience His goodness and forgiveness.

I have many anecdotes to tell, I am quiet but loud to the person whom I love to be with. I also love listening to funny jokes, old stories, and worship songs. I love playing the keyboard, I hope we can play music together. I love teaching and writing.

I love poetry; I have many unsent letters to you. I hope you’ll lend me your ears as I read these to you.

I am not as cool as the other ladies, not even sexy and fashionable but I wear decent dresses. I wear comfy shirts most of the time and I always practice self-care. I am independent but afraid to walk in the dark streets.

I’ve never been in a romantic relationship; I’m a lil’ bit shy about it. I worked a lot back then and pursue my dreams because I don’t want to disappoint my hardworking parents. But I do have many friends and communities that made me feel so loved and secure.

And once you’re ready and when the time is right. I’m excited to do many things with you.

I’m ready to be your cheerleader for any games that you enjoy.
I’m ready to be your study buddy whenever you need to make reports for your work.
I’m ready to make your coffee.
I’m ready to walk with you and hold your hands when you’re afraid.
I’m ready to give you a “super hug” whenever you’re tired and disappointed.

I’ll try to cook food for you even though I’m not really good at it.
I’ll try to play mobile games with you though I don’t really like them.

And while I’m waiting.

I will continue to fulfill my dreams and plans anchored with faith and hope in Him. I will continue to strive for purity and pray for it. I will continue to hope and cling to the beauty of waiting. I will continue to love and worship God in this waiting season.

Until we meet.

Yours faithfully, the missing part of your ribs.

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