I’ve been hurt so many times that I almost thought I wasn’t enough for everyone. I’ve been cheated on and that made my self-confidence shattered. I’ve been sleeping with a heavy heart. I’ve been smiling knowing I wasn’t really that happy all the time. I’ve been sleeping with my wet pillowcase every night. Nobody notices my tears, nobody knows about the scars that are left into my heart. I begged God every night to heal me. 

On a cold rainy night, in an unexpected moment. I talked to you. I know it’s weird but you made my day. I never felt this before. It feels so weird that I felt happy talking to a person even just for the first time. It was you. You were just my friend and turned into my lover. I’ve waited a hundred years. I’ve waited for better days. Every time I thought about you, every time my heart mention your name, it makes my day, every day. I am so happy. Now that I found you I couldn’t ask for more. It seemed like you were an angel that saved me and brought me to paradise. You love me more than I love myself and show me how to love myself even more. You’re always making me feel beautiful even though all I ever see is my deep sense of insecurity. You take good care of me. One time I had a really bad day I couldn’t help myself and burst into tears, you said it is okay to be sad sometimes. You were always there to make me calm. But you hate my voice every time it cracks and I’m about to cry. You see my worth more than I do, you treat me like I’m so precious. You make me feel like I am the luckiest girl alive, every single day. I thank God that He let me have a person like you, He let me have a person that proves me I am really worth it.  I thank Him that He let me, have you.