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*Long overdue post*

When I was having my first heartbreak, you were the one who never left. You became my favorite notification. You became the love that I never thought I would have. You were the stranger that meant the world to me.

This cork board was once filled with our love and happiness together. I never saw us coming to an end. And I also never thought the day will come when I would have to overcome the love and happiness we once shared. I will never forget the things you taught me. You made me believe in love again. You taught me that love isn’t about how grand or big your surprise is. Love should be about small things that can give me/us genuine happiness. Forehead kisses, palm kisses, long tight hugs, or just opening a door. You taught me that love is about simple things that you can do to make someone feel loved. Definitely, for the past 2 years you really made me feel loved. Today, I was able to remove all of our pictures and finally letting you go. Letting you go will never be easy but I have to. I love you and I want you to be the best version of yourself even if that doesn’t include me anymore. You deserve better. We both deserve better. I will never regret the relationship that we had.

And as the cliche goes “Time will heal everything. And promise, gigising ka nalang isang araw okay ka na”

The stranger who once meant the world to me.