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Seems everybody is falling in love except for me.
Seems everyone has a story to share except for me.

I wouldn’t be a hypocrite to admit,
that I wanted and I’m praying for it too.
These days seem longer than other days.
Longing for affirmations, dates, flowers, and letters.
How would I react if someone enters my story?

How would I react…
If someone brings a bouquet of roses during withered days.
If someone walks with me during sunny days.
If someone brings an umbrella during rainy seasons.
If someone waits for me after long hours of work.
If someone listens to my cries and to my rants.
If someone holds my hand in times of frustration.
If someone kisses my forehead and calls me beautiful.
If someone pursues me the way God wanted to be.

How would I react?

I would still bend my knees and utter:
You answered prayers at the right time.

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