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Looking and staying under the moon,
this desire keeps on growing and glowing,
looking for something that couldn’t happen
false hope that makes me wish upon the stars.

I keep on gazing at the glimmer of the moon;
forgetting that it just reflects the Sun’s light.
In the same way, I keep on searching for you,
gazing at your beauty and fullness.

I confined you in my own imagination,
wanting to be something that you’re not.
I wasted different phases of moon,
waiting and wanting to meet your perfection.

I wouldn’t be a hypocrite to admit,
that I’m excited to meet you soon.
But if you asked me if when it would be?
I would rather choose a new moon than a full moon.

Full moon makes the sky more alluring,
the birds are singing hymns because the sky is so bright.
It’s fascinating to gaze out the window and to capture moments together.

But new moon is essentially the opposite of full moon,
It blends with the dark night sky.
Though nothing alluring and nothing fascinating in this,
it makes my heart beats rhythm in peace.

The same way that I wanted you to be,
I wouldn’t expect you to be fascinating and alluring,
but rather I would embrace the opposites;
accept and pray for your weaknesses and failures.

I wouldn’t expect any perfection from you,
just like the moon as it depends from the Sun.
Both of us are behind from our Savior,
asking the rays of His grace to penetrate from us.

I wouldn’t expect fullness from you,
because just like the moon we’re facing different phases.
But I would walk with you in different seasons,
With faith, perseverance, and love.

I brought these desires and ideals under the moon,
but sinking on it’s simplicity and complexity in every transitions.
It slapped me back and forth and wake up from my wildest dream,
and never wished upon the stars.

I wanted to see you glowing because of His light,
I wanted to see your dark sides and imperfections,
I wanted to see your innocent and pure eyes,
I wanted to see your beats rhyming with mine.

But it’s still full moon,
Let’s wait until next transition,
until the new moon comes,
and we’re both ready to gaze upon the sky.

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