An Unsent Letter to My Future Buddy


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Hi! I don’t know why my heart desires to write this letter to you, but there’s nothing wrong with this right?

Right now, I’m in the season of waiting, growing, seeking, and nourishing. Hence, time like this comes when waiting seems longer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally into you (defensive)! (-_-)

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I’m facing a transition in my career, I want to venture a new path, meet new people, and try new things but still waiting on God’s best plans for me.

I want to meet you soon.

I’m weird, shy, nerd, and quiet. I like walking alone, it removes all the tension in my heart when pressures kick in. But I hope, you’ll be walking with me soon.

When you’re ready, please take me to the libraries or bookstores. I love the aroma of the pages of the book. I prefer books, pens, and highlighters more than dresses and shoes.

When you’re ready, let’s go to the coffee shop. Coffee dates make me shiver. Small talks and deep conversations might remove our walls. We can spend longer, please share your best moments with the Lord and your hardest cries to him, your struggles, failures, scars, and wins. I love anecdotes too and I think I’m a good listener.

Museums fascinate me as always, the same way when I look into the clouds. The clouds always assured me that both of us are under the same sky, both of us are watching the sunrise and sunset, and both of us are gazing at the moon and stars at night. Maybe, we’re in different seasons but still inhaling the same Grace.

I also like gazing at the trees, mountains, and highways. How about you, I would like to know also the things that fascinate you. I pray you’re doing the things that you like, you’re honoring your season, serving our God, your family, and your ministry.

I’m praying to have more patience in waiting and I hope you will have the courage to pursue me.

Sometimes, I feel disappointed when someone made me feel so special and wouldn’t pursue me at all, then left me hanging in the corner. I thought, maybe I wasn’t worthy enough to be pursued the way that I wanted to be. At times, insecurities and lies come in. Thinking I am not beautiful enough, maybe most men look merely on the outsides.

But right now, I know that there are still men who are faithful and know their responsibilities, and I hope you’re one of them. I pray that we can honor this season of waiting and longing. Let’s wait on His best plans for us, do our purpose, glorify His name in our own little ways, and let’s be a testament to His goodness.

Until we meet…

By the way, have we ever met?

I pray this letter will reach you.

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