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May you never forget that vulnerability is not for the weak.
You can be vulnerable yet strong.
You can be vulnerable with the people that you loved and cared for.
Yet most of the time, they won’t reciprocate.
And it’s OK!

Not all people would be courageous enough,
to be vulnerable because it’s for the strong.
Some would constantly hide and keep.
Some would constantly walk and run away.
And some would choose to leave
once they see your vulnerability.

Hence, there are few.
Maybe one or two who would choose to remain
and to embrace your vulnerability.
And would also be vulnerable to you.

Choose them!
Embrace them!
Keep them!
Cherish them!

And if you never found even one.
Be the one first.
You will reap what you sow.
Allow yourself to be vulnerable at times.
IN this fabricated world full of pretentious
yet wounded inside.

Allow yourself to be yourself and the others to be themselves.
Even in their toughest days and vulnerable days.

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