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I remember when you were just a kid, you had high hopes, your eyes sparked whenever you talked to your Father and you were certain of who would you like to be. You were declaring your aspirations and dreams full of confidence not because you had the capacity to realize them on your own but because your father is great. You believed that your father could do everything because he is a great father and he won’t leave nor forsake you. You were looking at heaven’s gate with so much love and assurance.

You never allowed the monsters in your cabinet to swallow your aspirations and hopes. You were not afraid to make mistakes because you knew humans were bound to fail. Your father assures you that your mistakes and failures don’t measure your worth because you are worthy in his eyes. His love always drives out your fears and doubts.

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But now, growing up changes you a lot. You started losing faith in your father. You started believing the noise around you. You started forgetting the hopes and aspirations he instilled in your heart. You started losing the strength to pursue what ignites your soul and sparks your eyes. You started settling for less and you started relying on yourself.

Living in a faithless generation, it seems wrong to have scary dreams, to dream bigger beyond the borders. So you just allowed yourself to sit in the safest place and never risk yourself in the unfamiliar and uncertain place.

I hope you remember the lil’ kid of inside you, who lives in faith and not by sight and pursues love more than fears and doubts. I hope you remember that your faithfulness results in fruitfulness. I hope you remember that your father desires success in your purpose. I hope you remember that all your dreams will be realized because it is inspired by God and it is for his glory.

Take a risk in faith, risk takers don’t do the safe thing. – Rick Warren

Matthew 9:29- According to your faith, it will be done to you.

Believe beloved!

Hope is rising.

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