“Love life so life will love you back”

I have told you this one right? Do you remember this?

If not, I’m gonna tell you once again, hey dear self, you love yourself right? I just want to tell you that the Lord loves you more thna you’ll ever know, HIS Love is unmeasurable I am sure of that. If you are struggling right now, I want to tell you that whatever is happening to you right now is according to his will and nothing will be given to you if you cannot win it! Trust his ways, self. You should know that. Don’t let yourself beaten by the negativities. People will break you, events may disappoint you as well, you’ll be discourage by others. You may experience anxiety, doubts, madness, sadness, confusion, agony and everything that is equivalent to not happy. It’s okay to be sad but not all the time okay? You have your own choice to make yourself worthy and happy as much as possible. There is always a living happiness, a genuine one inside you. You were just  not sure of everything. There are so many factors you consider I know it. 

Jelousy, pride, unwated moments, expectations, disappointments, fear, being lost at the same time. You’re just drowning yourself to this bad habits that supposedly not. You can consider all of these factors but don’t dare to live your life here. You have so many opportunities, you have to drive yourself into a positive one, to a passive, consistent, purposeful one. Don’t just dwell where you are, go out, break the shell, come out to your comfort zone and make a change! You can do it, self! Soar high! Fly high! Aim high but still BE KIND AND HUMBLE. You have  a lot of opportunities waiting for yah! All you need is to grab it and make it possible. You are not alone, you are not the only one. You have US. The Lord will not give you hardships if you cannot handle it properly, trust the Lord as he trust you too. you can make it dear self! YOU CAN DO IT! TRUST YOURSELF! YOU ARE BRAVE ENOUGH! ♥️

It’s okay to fall but make it sure you gonna stand up again and make the most out of it. Face the reality with determination in life, for everything you are doing, for the love of God. 

Breath in all the positiveness and exhale all the bad things in life, those will not be beneficial to you. Put them aside, let faith rise above it all. 

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"Sea of Prayers; Mountain of Love" I am Lanie Aguila. 23 years old. From Batangas. Human Resource graduate❤ --- This is how I see myself, I have to stand still my faith in HIM. I love writing anything in my mind. I am fond of speaking in front of people with certain topic given.