You’re Struggling To Tell Someone How Much You Love Them?


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It’s difficult to express yourself honestly. Telling someone how much you love them takes guts and timing. It can sometimes make you unable to act. Your stomach flutters prevented you from telling someone how much you love them. Perhaps this time you’d like to communicate with them more naturally.

Here’s my recommendation: Get to know him or her first, and you’ll discover something intriguing about him or her. Find a point of agreement and discuss it briefly. Respect is needed to form a connection, and failing to do so will cause someone to be turned off on you. If you consider expressing your feelings verbally, then demonstrate them via your actions. People nowadays prefer to be precise and straightforward. People are confused when there is action but no mention of his or her statements to someone.

Let’s avoid using this method of doing things to make him/her special without defining your relationship with them before. It’s fine to do things that make people feel at ease, but it’s not okay to make them confused with your body language.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Start a conversation about something very neutral. Perhaps a variety of topics will work. If you ask good questions, the conversation will continue. This kind of attitude isn’t just for romantic relationships. You can begin by telling your parents, siblings, friends, and so on that, you love them.
It may appear awkward nowadays, but give it a chance. You’ll get the feeling that we’re connected. I say this because some of us aren’t particularly expressive. It’s not your fault; perhaps our surroundings teach us to be more protective than loving.

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