Ang Sarap Maging Totoo


I had a meet up with friends recently. These are friends from previous work that I have not seen for
months and some years. I worried that I’ll feel small around them as I feel left behind because nothing
has changed much. Or so I thought. But I felt so good the whole time I was with them. I was so present,
so raw. It felt good. I brought each of them a gift. A wooden board with a quote to display in their
rooms. Before buying I contemplated a lot. I question my intention for buying them. Is it to show off?
For them to treat me nicer? What was it? I had my hesitations even after I had bought it and thought all
along until we met that I made a mistake of buying the gifts. You see, one of the friends will be flying to
Dubai the following morning so my gift is going to be an additional luggage. The other friend is just
staying in a hotel near the hotel we booked for the overnight bonding. All along I thought my gift is just
going to be burdensome. Turns out it was one of the best purchases I made. My plan was to have them
write a message at the back of my board. I don’t want them to write just any fluffy message. I pressured
them to write an advice for me or a quote that they think would make an impact or add happiness to my
daily life. At first, all of us had a hard time even beginning to write anything as we are not used to
expressing ourselves this way. But as for me, it took time because I really want my message to be heart
felt. I really thought about the person I was writing to. I still remembered the messages I wrote to each
because I mean every word of it. Eventually, every one wrote on everyone’s board. One of the friends
almost cried and I received some “awws”. Overall, we had a great time. We talked, laughed, ate, and
shared experiences.
It felt so good to express your raw self. I hope it could be like that every day. To be able to express what
you feel. I’m so grateful that day they happed. There is a reason it had. I may not know now what it is
but I’m already grateful. If all could express their raw self every day without fear I think we will have
better relationships and everyone will start healing.

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