BW Dating App

Now, you don’t need to lower your worth.

Introducing the BW Dating App

It’s time to challenge the toxic dating culture…

We help Filipino singles find and build smart and healthy relationships by offering a value-based, character-driven dating app.

Quality Conversations

You will chat with one match at a time to encourage quality conversations. But when it’s time to let go, no ghosting! Simply click the Unlike or Move on button.

Character-Driven Matching

Looks are important but character is the real deal. You’ll receive matches based on your non-negotiable standards in relationship and mutual interests.

Authentic and Verified Users

People are verified through our Integrity Level Feature to ensure the authenticity of our users. Just prove to us you’re not a ninja or an alien!

Accountable Dating

You can leave ratings and reviews to your past matches & dates. These reviews will help users to be more accountable. Huli ang mga ninja moves dito!

Being the Right One

You will grow by learning relationship principles & dating tips through our BW Maturity Series. It’s not just about finding the Right One but also being the Right One as well.

Prompt Messaging

The chat feature will be activated right away with your match. Just start the conversation and talk about your shared interest that appeared on your profile.

Features on the BW app include:

  • Finding potential dates who match your standards and dating preferences
  • Setting up your profile based on your relationship compatibility and chemistry
  • Chatting with users who match your dating preferences
  • Giving ratings and reviews to your matches or dates for accountability
  • Getting notifications when someone “like” you back
  • Uploading photos to your profile
  • Verifying your identity through our Integrity Level feature
  • Learn principles and practices in building healthy relationships through our BW Maturity Series
  • Protecting your identity and personal information through different stages of relationship

So you want to find and build healthy relationships?

Join the BW Dating App

Beta Version on Android only

Requirements for Beta Version

  • For Android OS only
  • Users must be 18 years old
  • Agrees to our Terms and Conditions
  • Dating Preferences will reset after 30 days

About the App

BW Dating App is a safe and smart tool to find and build healthy relationships. It’s built by Filipinos who want to challenge the toxic dating culture.