It was a painful experience.
No day and night, I stopped dreaming.
Hoping that this illusion can be reality
That you and I can be together.

I woke up on this Fantasy
Made me realized the Truth
That You and I are not meant to be
Accepting that you’re not the one for me.

Things really happen for its season,
And indeed for a particular reason
A time to search and a time to give up,
A time to keep and a time to throw away.

I give up on the concept of “us”,
But saving the friendship we have.
I may lose the chance to be your one,
But keeping the amity we start at once.
All because I love you and I care for you.

We’re brothers and sisters keeper
And both serving with the same vision
So I will not push myself anymore,
For it may pull yourself away even more.

You are one of the best people I know.
And I will always be grateful of knowing you.
Of all the people who rejected me,
It is you, who I like the most.

A misery turned out to be a blessing
Discovering what really matter.
Focusing more to be the best
Preparing for the ‘One’ best suited for me.

I became a person who man up
A man that wasn’t afraid to take risk.
A man who’s willing to try
Even if it costs a grief.

If given a chance to bring back the past,
I’ll come back to the time I confess.
For you are my favorite rejection and the risk I am always willing to take,
Wishing on the stars that someday maybe we could.