Each day passes, leaves falling, trees being cut down, roads are being construct, population increases. Everyday we are facing different battles in life, those battles sometimes became the barrier for us to move forward from reaching our goals, When we don’t feel love, we will run away from our home, do the things that’s not right and think that no one loves us. When our loved ones correct us, sometimes we think that they are too hard or strict to us, but the reality is they are afraid of losing you and me, they are afraid that you will experience what they’ve experience on their past. When we got burned by the scenarios of our life, we choose to end our life without thinking that GOD LOVES YOU and ME no matter what the world throws on us, without thinking the people who needs us, without thinking how blessed you are even though there is a grief, hardships and pain. When we get disappointed, we quit easily, we choose to stop pursuing than overcoming our fears in life, without looking that sometimes we also disappoint God but still He chooses us. When we get rejected, We choose to ignore people rather than trusting them, up to the point what we see with our eyes is what we think who they are, that we first judge rather than loving them. We don’t want to feel being rejected, but we do it every time God reaches us. Sometimes just because we want to be like the people that we see in social media, movies etc. we forgot our real identity, we forgot how blessed and unique we are. We forgot that we are unique when God created us.

If you allow your heart and mind to the things that you have right now, you are so blessed! That we are blessed more than what we deserve. Life is not about having all the things that you have, but it is about living with the things that you need. It is not about the achievements that you have, but it is about the impact that you cause in the lives of people. It is not about the trials that we faced everyday, but it is about the goodness and faithfulness of God in our everyday lives. It is not about how to be fit in the world, but it is about how to be different from the world. Maybe there’s a lot of hardships, but one day you will realize that those hardships, is the key towards your breakthrough. Don’t just focus loving yourself, but focus on loving Jesus and other people. Don’t focus on how to be fit in the world. But focus on whom God wants you to be. Life may not always be smooth sailing, but in each waves of life that passes through, there’s a God who will be with us always.