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For You Love: MARTina ❤️

First of all I want you to know I really love you, and I’ve always said to you my heart is always belongs for you..  yes I have many people I encountered but I never been attract of them, because I know to myself you are the person who I really want to have to my entire life.. you know what I know I cannot find someone like you if I lose you right?  but you know God knocking to me, he reminds me my prayers, yes I found you this season, but I know to myself I’m not good enough to doing this relationship, I don’t like being rush about love,.. yes I lose you today because I know God he has a good plan for us,  I trust him I know he not hurting me by my decisions,  I let you now but not mean I don’t love you, because since day one I love you every single day and it will be like this until the end all my life I want to spend with you until the day I die…, I really love you only God knows how I’m in love with you, no one can replace you to my heart,…. I lose you today but im worthy to gain you to my future..

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