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Love isn’t always means “owning the person.”

Sometimes loving the person from afar is fine as long as you know that the person you love is happy.

Loving from a distance is like loving a star, you always see it but you know can’t have it. Still despite of being so far to that star you are happy and contented every time you see that star shines so bright.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You feel warm by its spark in the middle of the night.

You miss it every morning and you’re longing to have a glimpse of it when the sky turns dark.

When time comes and the star doesn’t appear, you know something is wrong and you spend the rest of the night worrying and wondering if the star is doing fine. You feel sad and uncomfortable, you wanted to do any possible things you could do just to make that star shine again.

I was once told by my grandmother that if I want my wish came true I should look at the brightest star in the sky, sincerely whisper my wish and if that star disappear it means that star dies to grant my wish.

I’ve been doing that thing since I was a kid, and losing the brightest star could mean a granted wish for me. That’s why I love stars so much, it can make my darkest hour bright, it can wipe my tears. When I feel lost or empty, a single star in the sky could make me feel better. Star became a symbol of hope for me. Star was been engrave in my entire being.

Until one day, I saw the brightest star in the galaxy.

Unknowingly, Instead of thinking for a wish, I fell in love with that star. I fell in love not just because it’s the brightest star in the universe but also because even if it’s not shining that star still manage to make me feel good. I fell more in love with that star every evening and even every morning when it is not showing himself. I fell in love with that star every waking up, sleeping time and in between time of my everyday living. I fell in love with this star when he is happy, sad, mad, sensitive, insensitive, naïve, talkative, nonsense, hyper or hypo. I fell in love with every bits of this star.

And since then I stopped wishing upon a star,

because I’d rather have nothing in my hand than lose my favorite star in the sky.

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