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1. It doesn’t mean it’s not official, the feelings are not real.
2. Even though everything seems confusing, let’s be honest that happiness feels true, it’s genuine.
3. We are afraid of the truth, of the real score, of the real thing so we don’t ask, we don’t question why, how or when. Simply, we take risks.
4. We’ll caught ourselves blanky staring in the midst of thin air thinking about what ifs.
5. Keeping all the emotions inside are truly one of the best challenges.
6. The word “just friends” hurts a bit whenever people ask what’s going on, what’s happening.
7. Embracing uncertainties and understanding that at the end of the day, you’re left guessing where you stand in their lives.
8. You don’t have the right to demand their time and attention so you’re just patiently waiting on when are they going to remember you.
9. Sometimes, we fall in love with almosts more than in real relationships.
10. There are a lot of unsaid words because you know it is not yet the proper time to say it.
11. The real struggle of denying yourself from what you feel because you don’t want them to know how special their existence means.
12. At the back of your head, you hope they feel the same way.
13. There come a time when you have to talk to yourself to keep you reminded of “I know what we are and I know what we are not”.
14. We cannot ask them to stay because they are never ours in the first place.
15. Ed Sheeran’s song really hit with these lines, “We got questions we should not ask but how would you feel if I told you I love you?”
16. We are thankful for another day that we got to talk to them, see them and be with them because we always fear that every tomorrow’s gonna be a whole lot different.
17. Please stop blaming yourself if ever you have fallen for someone with a situation like this, at some point in time, we’re meant to experience these kinds of challenges so you can discover how strong and brave you are as an individual.
18. Long night drives, lowkey dinners, until-midnight-chats are the best memories, ever.
19. We might have a hard time accepting the reality of “being not meant to be”, we’re still grateful that someone like them crossed our way even for a short while.
20. And of course, we call them our ex-almosts because we don’t have the right term or name for that kind of thing since we cannot label it as “relationships”.
21. The songs we listen to are the best expression of all the things we want to scream out loud.
22. There are regrets too. When that someone suddenly disappeared without even knowing what do we actually feel.
23. It’s okay if you will miss them… terribly. It’s natural, you cannot just forget someone in a click of your finger.
24. There are nights you keep on wondering if they miss you too. But you have to shrug those thoughts away because it’s not helpful if you want to feel better once they disappear.
25. And it may be so hard but sometimes the universe becomes “so kind” that after few months, that almost would be the exact person who sees you as a complete stranger now.

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