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I want you to always remember that I am not perfect. I want you to remember that I am a work-in-progess. People around me perceive me as strong and independent, but the truth is, I am as weak and frail as anybody could be. I am strong not because of my own doing but because I have a God who enables me, Jesus Christ is the One who strengthens and upholds me daily. So whenever you see me as a woman of strength, the glory belongs to my God who strengthens me. I want you to remember that I am human and I make countless mistakes. I am as flawed as anybody else, so whenever I fail, please do not hesitate to forgive me. I can’t promise to never fail you, I can only promise to be better everyday as long as you allow me to. Whenever I fail to love you, please do let me know. Whenever you don’t like something about me, what I said or what I did or how I made you feel, please do not hesitate to tell me. We can work things out as long as we communicate honestly and sincerely. I tend to be insensitive sometimes so please tell me whenever I am already too much to handle. I don’t want you to accept me as I am because that might be too selfish to ask, what I want to ask from you is to give me room to grow. If there is anything to be improved in my character, please let me know, I would be more than willing to accept corrections and refine myself in the process. Let’s glorify God together by obeying His greatest commandments to love Him above all things and to love our neighbors as ourselves. So whenever I may be unloving to you as my closest neighbor, please remind me that I am disobeying our God.


Your closest neighbor

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