About Boiling Waters PH


The BW started in 2016 as a social media campaign for a smart and healthy love and relationships. Today BW is now one of the well-known digital brands in social media and podcasting when it comes to love, life, and relationships in the Philippines.


Inspire smart & healthy relationships through community, content, coaching and technology.

The Big Need

  • There’s 34M singles in the Philippines today who are looking for meaningful and authentic relationships.
  • 90% of our community online is having a hard time of finding quality and authentic person for relationship.
  • How can we eliminate hook up dating culture and help single Filipinos build healthy relationships?


  • Community: Talking about healthy relationships through digital community engagement.
  • Content: Learning relationships skills through podcasts, live streams, memes, blogs, email subscription.
  • Coaching: One-on-one mentoring platform that connects people to a personal mentor online.
  • Technology: Helping singles to find and build smart and healthy relationships through our relationship platform (Coming soon this 2022!)

The Impact


For partnership, contact us at in****@bo***********.ph