I’m a typical person in her 30’s who happens to be a voice of Love and praise through writing. A lot of times you may find me retreating to a quiet place; to think, to reflect, and recharge. I enjoy solitude. A few hours alone with a good book, random movies, a peaceful nature walk or singing out my hopes are great ways to help me feel recharged and energized. Being home alone is thrilling for me. Yet, I love you to take me on a date. It is a joy to share how God keeps and heals me. Yet, I would love to hear your stories. How the God who created the universe, the most powerful being ever, loves you personally. I love long-lasting relationships marked by a great deal of closeness and intimacy. I always felt connected with the nature yet, so far, I find more serenity in the sky and comfort on the ocean. I started blogging since December 2014 as Sesemonster. (SESE, is one of my childhood call names and the word MONSTER is parallel meaning to sufferings, wounds and fears within). It serves as an open timeline of mine, testifying that God is at work and will use those brokenness beautifully in His time. You’ll see a bunch of worlds I used to live in in those stories, where you can also see change and growth. Certainly times when I have allowed the world to discourage me yet a LOVE that has no boundaries always there to renew and strengthen me. It is a lonely venture of stories where could be a message of hope to a fallen world. I pray that the words of this blog would speak life to you. I pray that it will be an affirmation to your confusions. I pray that it will remind you that you are not alone, pointing you to Jesus who is willing to bear with you along. But most of all, I pray that your love for the Lord will overflow more and more, that you will keep on growing in knowledge and understanding. May you allow God’s love give you roots. SOLI DEO GLORIA, Anne

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