beautiful goodbye


it hurts to say goodbye to a person knowing you’ve wanted to spend the rest of your life with them. it hurts to think that any moment your whole world could shatter into a million pieces. It hurts to see someone you love fall all of a sudden without a warning. to see them happy without you.

you tend to question everything, did I did something wrong? was I not that worthy?

No. the thing is, People just don’t wanna try. the risk they would never take. because they are scared. they would think, the world is big out there. they didn’t realize they’re all you’ve got. that is why sometimes, its ok to be selfish. because when they left, you’re all you’ve got.

but you, you’re something else. everyones heart is different. you are fearless. you over loved people without expecting in return. I’m proud of you. but sometimes you need to take off the mask too.

I know your hurt. I know you’re tired. everyone is changing. so bad. cry it out if you want too. don’t be ashamed. you are strong and an independent women. this is just a part of your life that would eventually mold you to a better version of yourself.

take time to feel the pain, as it needs to be felt. but promise me, after this heartbreak,you will come as a whole again. As a believer of love again. This is your strength in pursuing love again.

but part of this heartbreak is learning that people you don’t spent the rest of your life with are once the people who meant the world to you. so set aside that pain and anger and change it with prayers and faith.

promise me to not give hate back, to not be discourage of loving again up to your potential, and not in believing in love again, because eventually we are going to fall for someone who’s finally going to be worth our time with.

As the time you’ll be ready to love again, this time, own it. Without regrets and without expectations, if it ends, then just end it with beautiful goodbyes.