Being single is okay.


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It has been 24 years since I existed in this world.
It has been 24 years of being single.
It has been 24 years of being with the Lord.

I walked with the Lord, talk to the Lord, even cried with the Lord. I have been very happy ever since I encountered the unfailing love of the Lord. He was there for me and I never had lacked anything. In His love, I get to experience life to the full. I get to experience His love that renews everyday. Whenever I feel weak, i just have to remind myself that God even in His divine supremacy, He still chose to love me through His Son, Jesus Christ.

People have always thought and asked “Why do you usually go out alone? Why do you usually eat alone? Do you enjoy being alone most of the times?”

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To be honest, I’m not afraid to be with the crowd and i do like being with people. It’s just that when I am alone, I get to be with myself, I get to value these times because I feel blessed to share it with God in my experiences. The swiftness of the wind during the summer, The leaves that fall during a rainy afternoon, and in that, I get to appreciate what the Lord has done for me.

That when I walk down the streets, and appreciate the city lights, I get also to appreciate the times when the Lord has been beautifully lighting up my life. That when I mingle with strangers, I get to appreciate that the Lord has also been very pursuant to remind me that there are people who can be my friends.

this has been my happiness for years already. And I know that God is the source of all of this. He is the source of all goodness, the fount of our Joy.

So it is always very right to say, that we need to be joyful first with the Lord, through our relationship with the Lord. One who doesn’t find joy in the Lord, will not be truly happy for the rest of their lives. They may be a happy for a while, but it will not last. For only in God, that we find happiness that lasts forever.

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