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I fell for you, a poet that is yet to be a musician

Who is a competitive cat person and an IU fan

At times you call me at school, I hear you say “Hello!”

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Who always answers different from “Yes” or “No”


You are a person that has an eye for style

To ensure quality, you go the extra mile

The way you do things with a criteria

I remember seeing you work on your paper at the cafeteria


We get our water from the drinking fountain

I remember getting pissed while we were in the rain

Because my umbrella you do not know how to hold

That’s why you took out yours so we will not catch a cold


Our lockers are found on the same floor

I peek sometimes from behind the door

To look inside the room if you are there

I am as clingy as a dog, and you are aware


Though our personalities create a balance in color

We are the same into not liking a genre of horror

In second semester we were a “working in tandem”

Who both studied under the strand of STEM


My thoughts while sitting on the bed

Led me to roses are red

Violets are blue

When will my feelings for you reach its due?


As the crows turn into white

Are the odds of you picking me quite

In life, you are the one I want to choose

But you can’t get over someone else’s muse


The experience of being played by destiny

Being a character in an unfinished story

What it feels like, I finally know

The pain behind the smile that I can’t show

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Spychologist discovered her interest in creating poems at the age of 11. Her fascination in using rhyming patterns to express feelings is what inspired her to keep writing. It is her desire that her works be a safe space for readers to just feel their feelings.