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You caught me

As I look away after looking at you


While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

As if I didn’t saw you

Trying to compose my self

Looking as demure as I can be

Feels like in a lucid dream

You were almost real to me

As I yearn for an attention

Taking a peek of your wonders

I’m afraid to take one step closer

for you are as vague as fog in the sky

But I want to take a leap

taking one step away

holding back everything

You are my worst trial

But my best forever

You come at me like a thunder

Like a raging storm in my head

I couldn’t sleep thinking about you

but yes, we are nothing

you are just a character in a story

I am just a reader

giving me high hopes

and uncanny feelings

for you and I will never happen

never we will happen

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