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To my right one
I’m just here waiting for you
To be a better and right person for you
I’m just here still mending broken things
You know life has been tough for me lately
Wrong persons and false hopes were in my way
We both know we need to conquer this world
To be tough and to deserve each other
If in the future we’ll crossed our paths
Please love me the way i love you
Don’t look for my imperfect sides
Just appreciate me for what i am
If you think i wasn’t enough for you
Please look ways why you must stay
Don’t stay because i force you to be
Stay because you don’t want to lose me
Thinking that i am rarest to be found
And losing me is sorrow and sad
In order to get close to you
I have to face lies, cheatings, aches
But i know it will help me
To be a right and mature person for you
Maybe i have exes but i am excited for my next
And that next is no other than you
Just be patient, I’ll be there in a minute
You’ll see, one step at a time
Well, I may not see you for now
Walk behind or talk face to face
Remember i am already loving you
I am already giving you my heart
To my right one, just patiently wait
Having you is never too late.

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