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Once upon a time, there was a boy who confessed his feelings to a girl he like. Unfortunately, the girl don’t have a time for that so called “Love”. But then, the boy didn’t give up and always say that he will patiently wait. The girl is so used to that word “Wait” so she didn’t take it seriously. During their time together, they eventually become close and even share with each other’s thoughts. She didn’t know that she unconsciously break the wall she’s building for years. But she’s happy as she thought that finally, there will be someone who can really wait for her.
He almost reach her heart.
Until one day…
A problem came…
He asked,
” Gusto mo na ba kong huminto? ”
As she looked at his eyes, tiredness is all that she saw.
So, she don’t have a choice to say
“Huminto ka na”

And they live…. separately….. after.

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