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We were the best of friends. Your family knows about me, and my family knows about you as well. We would tell each other lots of stories. May it be about work, hobbies, food and other stuffs.

My friends would tell me “Kayo nalang talaga hinihintay.” But deep inside, I know that you only think of me as your friend or sister.

You’re amazing, really really amazing.

You’re the best friend one would ask for.

You’re always the supportive one. When I’m down because of work, you would tell me stories about your experiences for me to realize that what happened is just normal.

You’re one message away. If I want to tell you something, I know that I can reach you anytime of the day.

You’re simply the best.

I’m really thankful that you exist, I can’t imagine what will happen without you.

I’ll always be proud of you, wherever life takes you. I’ll always be here with you.

I would always look at the starts and wish that you’ll stay.

Because all this time, I’m falling….